Head Lice treatment Bangladesh

Head Lice treatment Bangladesh

Our Latest UK Clinic in Sreepur Village – Head Lice treatment Bangladesh

Head Lice treatment Bangladesh clinic set up by a UK company? It may appear odd that we have a clinic in Bangladesh supported from the UK but there is a reason for this. When Pat Kerr contacted us with a problem we were over the moon that the UK Clear Hair Network could help. The company which has launched the effective treatment with Clearhair with Lice clinics of the UK 


Head Lice treatment Bangladesh

We tend to think of Head Lice as a western world issue but here in the village it is very much a problem and children despite being treated with chemical products are constantly getting lice. This means there is a disruption to education and that is the one of the key focus’ of the charity. This is why we took our device and went out there to help.

Training the public health staff

The Staff are trained on the exact same process as we use her in the UK. Every technician in the Uk is given thorough training to make sure they can treat effectively.

Check the Hair to see if there are little eggs and live lice.

Treat using the patented AirAlle device which dehydrates both the live lice and the troublesome eggs which we call nits. These are the main reason for re infestation.

Complete the treatment with a comb out using the Clearhair special mousse to release the eggs from the hair and then a treatment with Dimethicone which is a pleasant smelling oil. A far cry from the pesticide products used before!


Clearhair Lancashire team travel to Sreepur to teach.

Coming from a small village called Withnell in Lancashire the team from the little clinic there have never been to anywhere like Sreepur so it has been a real eye opener. Bringing the networks knowledge and creating the Head Lice treatment Bangladesh Clinic.


Julia Our volunteer giving up her own time to travel to the village told us.

“What struck me first is the number of children there, the noise of over 400 of them and the happy smiles as we arrived, they eat together and live in the village receiving food and protection with their mothers. They attend school and get healthy meals. I have to admit the amount they eat is small and the diet is not so varied but they are grateful for every little bit.

I think back to being that age leaving things I didn’t like on my plate and I was humbled. they drink water not chilled water just water. The children are well taken care of and took to following me round wanting to hold hands.

Out training with the public health staff started the next day in the clinic and the first thing that hit us was the heat. The air conditioning did its best but the heat treatment did make things pretty hot. the kids were as good as gold. Sitting still through the process.

Everyone says that being in places like this changes your out look and I consider myself really lucky to be given the chance to do this. I brought my camera and I will share more pictures once we get back”

Head Lice treatment Bangladesh

My room at Sreepur






Opening Clear Hair Lancashire – part 2

The journey to Opening Clear Hair Lancashire continues

Finally the day has come and we are opening Clear Hair Lancashire. We have all the equipment, all the products and we are now here ready to treat people. It was easy to keep to the guidelines of the clear hair branding as we really love the colours and images, not too childish and not too clinical just a perfect combination. The shop was a beauty salon prior to us taking over and it was not the right decor at all so we set to work creating a clear space to provide the new treatment. It needs to be easy to clean, comfortable child safe and parent friendly too.

Here are the pictures as we got things ready, it took only about 3 weeks in total.

lice clinic Chorley refurbishment Clear Hair Chorley

Display materials

To display the retail products we added a small cabinet, the posters we ordered from Clear Hair and the rest of the materials for display they helped with. They had flyers, posters and even business cards available ready for us to just order with our address on them which really helped us.

clear hair retailheadline protection  


The colours of the display materials brightened the clinic up, our chairs arrived and we put the final touches to the clinic with all the accessories, that meant a trip to Ikea too. We have all been involved in opening Clear Hair Lancashire and I expected it to be more stressful than it was. We were given just enough input without thinking our own ideas were not needed which was nice.


Training was great we did it in the Redbridge clinic , but on our return we did some further practice runs to make sure we were able to complete treatments quickly and efficiently. Treating some younger and older children with different lengths and types of hair we were able to get familiar with the treatment and all protocols. For me in particular just practicing sectioning hair was important so we enlisted friends and family.

opening Clear Hair Lancashire


In the next blog I will write about starting up our social media the microsite and all the marketing we have done to help boost the clinic.


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starting a lice clinic

Opening a new lice clinic – my journey Maxine Brown

Opening a new lice clinic – my journey

Maxine Brown takes us through her start up process of opening a new lice clinic for the first LCUK in the North of England

Well I didn’t start out thinking I would be opening a new lice clinic in Lancashire, However having worked with children and families all my working life I fully understand the trauma and irritation nits can cause to children and families. Initially, I saw the idea on “this morning” TV show and they were talking about head lice and bullying. I saw this as an opportunity to try and help in the community as well starting up a business locally. My interest led me to Clear Hair UK and Lice Clinics of the UK . Much of the data I looked at was from the US as there were so many successful LCA businesses operating there. This is new in the UK but the statistics illustrate its going to a growth market.

I thought if I shared my journey it might help and inspire others thinking of providing a positive and much needed business, within our communities.

Application for Licence

The first step was to apply to be a licence, for this I needed to have a knowledge of the potential business case for my area and some funding. Capital money is needed for the rent of the clinic, the licence and the fit out, I also needed some money to help me spread the word about the service. I tried to get some help from local councils and funding providers but that was not available, but well worth a try. There is no business of this kind in this area so competition was none existent.

Next step I discussed my business plan with the team and set up to confirm timelines and payment. I reviewed the contract with my solicitor and from then on it was the exciting part.

Market Research

I visited some local schools and talked to social services and defined that there was a need. I must have read every article in google on head lice and the facts were astounding – there is a problem and that problem is getting worse. Clear hair helped me look at the population demographics and how many schools and children were my target. They also have a recent survey available about the feelings and the behaviour of parents which was helpful.

With a vey clear and strategic plan I took the leap.


Clear hair gave me information to help me decide what was needed. I wanted a safe, clean and discreet location with parking – easy to get to from the centres of population shown on the map. I found the premises near where I live so no commute and simply asked about it at the shop next door and got the details. I looked at a number of others with an agent. I got all call back the unit was free and the rent achievable with the anticipated business.

The team at Clear Hair helped with a list of what to look for, how much space needed and I visited a clinic in London for some inspiration. I had a clear idea of how it would work out in my own unit. It is easy to work within the guidelines of the Lice Clinics of the UK Brand as it allows plenty of your own inspiration.

lice clinics of uk floorpan

Ideal plan for shop

Opening a new lice clinic

Ideal plan for shop



Even though we were working to a brand strategy this was an area I felt confident in, it made sense what was needed. The landlord did some of the work but the decoration was down to us. I wanted to keep it simple but good quality, as I needed budget for my marketing efforts.

The chairs and the furnishings were fun to source and I ordered some of the bespoke wall covering clear hair  provide. I went for a simple counter and some shelf units for our clear hair retail range. Opening a new lice clinic was definitely starting to take shape.

Other than the usual basic requirements like the kettle and coffee I did not need to find things as Clear Hair helped me and pointed me in the right direction. Questions regarding the sterilisation and the consumables needed were taken care of.

My opening date is the 8th May 2017, before then we will get training on the treatment and products and then we are ready to go. next week I will be in schools talking to parents and children about the myths about lice and how we all need to #BeNiceAboutLice –

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